Gel mani: A Cinderella Story

Hello everyone!

O-M-G!! Today I was asked to do the Cinderella set as featured on The New Papers! XD

This set is so girly in general! Love the polka dots-stripes combination.


Not to forget, blues-greens are my favourite colours, this set is really enjoyable to do, even though it took a while! (It’s my first time doing this!)


What do you guys think? Can you tell it’s Cinderella? 😀




Designs for The New Paper on Sunday 7 July 2013

Hi everyone!

We’ve been meaning to share our work done for The New Paper on Sunday (TNPS), but due to the poor print quality of newspapers (compared to say magazines), the details and colours couldn’t really be seen clearly. So, we waited for them to return us the nail tips so that we could take proper pictures and share them with everyone!

So, after some arranging and labelling… here they are!


As you can see, we’ve got five sets here. TNPS actually gave us five themes to work with, and asked us to provide them with a description as well as prices of the nail art featured. As they ended up not using any of the details, we’re sharing them with you here!


Theme: Neons
Our take: “Neon Splash”

Neons are all the rage now, and we love the explosion of colours and how they glow in ultraviolet light. For this set, we’ve put together a few of the hottest nail trends – marbling within shapes, lines on a clear base, and neon embellishments. It’s not just swag; it’s ghetto glamour with neon stones and gold bling.


Theme: Geometric
Our take: “Geometric Mod”

We wanted all the focus to be on the beauty of the geometry, so we did the art in black and white instead of allowing colours to distract from the shapes and lines. For a touch of mod swag, we left all the white details to the index and middle fingers – perfect for finger posing! 
*This design was adapted from Nail Venus, one of our favourite Japanese nail art magazines. 


Theme: Superheroes
Our take: “Girl Power”

The Powerpuff Girls are three super cute, super-powered girls out to save the world before bedtime. We’ve dedicated one nail each to Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup, and filled the remaining nails with plenty of pink hearts and stars for an extra generous serving of sugar and spice.


Theme: Summer
Our take: “Summer Safari”

When we saw this African safari design in Nail Venus (an edgy Japanese nail art magazine), we fell in love at first sight and chose to modify it for this summer theme. The soft airbrush effect of the colourful background perfectly captures the riot of colours in the tropics, where it’s summer all year round, and allows the black details to pop and the animals to come alive!


Theme: Princesses
Our take: “Cinderella Story”

Everybody loves a fairytale ending, and our favourite is Cinderella’s story! This set is dainty and feminine, with soft hues of blue reminiscent of Cinderella’s gown. We’ve added opalescent disco flecks and drawn silhouettes of Cinderella’s profile and her glass slipper in framed portraits as subtle references to the ball.

I did the Summer Safari and Neon Splash and Jenrine did the other three sets. Which is your favourite? Personally, I’m torn between the Summer Safari and Geometric Mod… I wish *someone* could do them for me because it’s really a pain to do intricate art on my own nails!


Grand Opening Weekend : 15 – 16th June 2013

Hello everyone!

We just hosted our grand opening for The Nail Artelier last weekend, and we would just like to say Thank you to the customers, friends, and family members who came down! As well as all the well wishes, be it via social media, emails, messages, or flowers sent to the shop! The flowers are still in the shop as of now, but with the air quality recently, they may not be able to last long ):

Thank you to Gent Ho (@lupcheong on Instagram and Twitter) for taking really pretty and artistic shots during the Grand Opening, we appreciate that a lot!

Here’s a gallery of the photos taken over the two days, they are also available on our Facebook Page!

Till the next!

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Bloggers’ Private Preview Party 13 June 2013

Hi everyone!

On Thursday, we were honoured to have the presence of bloggers from all walks of life gracing our salon before our grand opening! We had yummy macarons, financiers and mini lemon tarts lovingly baked by Vanille By Elin, and some of our guests brought more food too! (Thank you Evonne and Yukie-san!)

Today is the Grand Opening so do pardon me for this super short blog post. I will update more when I can! In the meantime, here’s a gallery of the event pictures!

Two of our guests already blogged about their experience so I will share the links for your reading pleasure!

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Gel Mani: Rated R(ude)

Good morning everyone!

You’ve been seeing a lot of sweet floral designs and cute cartoon designs here recently courtesy of Jenrine, so I thought I’d throw in something shockingly different for a change!

Today’s design was requested by pretty celebrity blogger Miyake, whose gel nails I have sponsored since last year!


This is based on a reference picture that she showed me. Unfortunately I have no idea where it’s from, so if you do, please let me know!


She usually opts for sweet girly designs or dark edgy ones, so she wanted something neon and loud this time round.


The only thing we changed was the words on one thumb, which was originally quite PG but then became somewhat rude after the change. No prizes for guessing which nail we changed!


Here are some screen grabs from Miyake’s Instagram (nick: ngmiyake) account!






Collaboration with Helloあsia Singapore’s J Diary!

Hi everyone!

I am SO excited to be sharing this video with you finally!

Here’s the back story on this video – a while back, my friend Evonne approached me to guest in an episode of J Diary, a new video channel hosted by Yukie-san of Tokyo Mode Addict and funded by Helloあsia Singapore.

I found out that it was for the second episode, focusing on Japanese-style nail art in Singapore, and I was happy to climb on board! So, Yukie-san and Evonne both came over to my place, together with Yukie-san’s helpful and talented filming crew (all girls!). Due to time constraints, I had to complete the gel manicure (full classic process) with nail art in an hour and it was super stressful!



I blogged about it two weeks ago and you can see the original post here.

And now… the video!

I know, I know… I am so painfully awkward on camera. Whoops. Well, hope you enjoyed catching a glimpse of me at work, and ogling the gorgeous Yukie-san and Evonne in this episode! 😉


Event: Lancôme Media Visit

Hi everyone!

We’ve been busy working on a couple of projects with various magazines and brands, but we’re not ready to spill the beans on all of them just yet! Let’s start with a fun event that took place recently – we were honoured to be engaged by Lancôme Singapore to accompany them for a press visit for their new nail polish line, Vernis in Love.

We had some quick and simple designs available for the journalists to choose from, and the lovely ladies from Simply Her magazine and Her World magazine were very quick to post their manicures on Instagram!





The collection will have 24 gorgeous shades and I must say that they apply beautifully. The colours are opaque enough that you can get away with just one coat for most of them, and the consistency is nice and smooth. The brush is also a little bigger than most brushes, so just one dip into the bottle is enough to polish an entire nail.

When I first got my hands on the polishes (thanks Lancôme!), I couldn’t resist playing with them:


Aren’t the colours gorgeous? We will have them available during our Grand Opening Weekend, so if you’re up for a luxe polish, come by for an express or classic service!