Gel mani: Oriental Baroque

Good afternoon ladies!

Today I’m gonna share a set that quite like after doing it!

Baroque isn’t really a new design that people pick, but this is the first time I’m doing it in such bold colours! The red and black theme just reminds me of a timeless Chinese beauty in cheongsam! Not to mention the embossed flowers!


This set was done on acrylic extensions! Quite fitting for Chinese new year too eh? Maybe black and gold, or red and gold!





Acrylic extensions, and more!

Hi everyone!

My customer wanted extensions because she thinks that her nail shape isn’t that nice, so here we go – extended oval nails! Making her fingers look really slender!

This set of art was originally done with a pale pink base, white art and black details but I’m glad it turned out well with purely black and white!



All the skulls and bones and crucifix! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA



Here’s another set of acrylic extensions in oval shape too! It is a two-toned glitter extension. Super blinding with all the glitter!  XD

20130919_161014 20130919_161105


Have a good week!


Gel Mani/Pedi: Cartoon Wedding!

Hi everyone!

Today I’m sharing an interesting mani/pedi done for a bride who had a retro-themed wedding and wanted cartoon nails!


She actually picked out the sets that we customised specially for our feature in The New Paper on Sunday some time ago – one set is based on the Powerpuff Girls while the other is based on Cinderella.


For the Cinderella set, she opted to switch to a yellow colour theme and I modified the design as I was working with a smaller surface area (toenails compared to fingernails in the original design).




So cute! Is it becoming more popular now to have themed weddings? We’re certainly getting more unique from our bridal customers!


Gel mani: The Stripes, the Hearts and the Daisies.

Hi everybuddy~ It’s Eloise again! I hope everyone enjoyed their June holiday! (teachers, students, moms :D)

This time I get to do acrylic extensions! This young lady who came to us had short nails that couldn’t grow long, so she opted for acrylic extensions and gel manicure + art!
She is super good! She did her research on what she wanted and even printed it out for my convenience! Thoughtful eh! XD

And so, it seems like clear base with designs on top is really in right now~ The hollow hearts and stripes! And not to forget the ever happy-looking daisies (also really popular now) that everyone loves!

Personally I really love this colour combination of daisies, black-white-pastel pink! The girly pink and white and a black that really pops, don’t you think so?


Hopefully this lady is happy when she left our salon! Also, wishing her good luck in her language course in Japan commencing some time this month!


A lottle love,

Gel Extensions: Nail Max Mash Up

Good morning everyone!

Today I’m sharing with you a set of gel sculpture extensions I did a while back. The customer is a super trendy mom who picked out the cover design from the June issue of Nail Max, but gave me free rein to modify it for her. This was the result:


She opted for shorter extensions (you can see from the black see-through design on the ring fingers that the nails were extended by about 40%) and a sweet colour combination of pink and purple, but made more interesting with the inclusion of gold, black and white.


This design really is a mash up of many elements – it’s got freehand art, embossed art, and embellishments… Great for customers who find it hard to pick just one design they like!