Grand Opening Weekend : 15 – 16th June 2013

Hello everyone!

We just hosted our grand opening for The Nail Artelier last weekend, and we would just like to say Thank you to the customers, friends, and family members who came down! As well as all the well wishes, be it via social media, emails, messages, or flowers sent to the shop! The flowers are still in the shop as of now, but with the air quality recently, they may not be able to last long ):

Thank you to Gent Ho (@lupcheong on Instagram and Twitter) for taking really pretty and artistic shots during the Grand Opening, we appreciate that a lot!

Here’s a gallery of the photos taken over the two days, they are also available on our Facebook Page!

Till the next!

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Work in Progress


Taking a break from the usual posts to give a little update of what has been happening around here… I just came back from my trip to Taiwan, and it has been a whirlwind since! We have managed to finalize and get most of the crucial purchases for the shop, with bits and pieces here and there still waiting for us to find them!

Very crazy schedule, and we learn about different things along the way. Like how I recently found out about the different types of lightings available in the market, the kind of laminates and so on. Very interesting little knowledge that I have gained while getting our shop ready!

If you follow Ying’s IG (nailartexpress), you would have seen this!



Super customized for our shop!!!

Another week and half to go till our opening, getting super excited, I hope you are too!! Got to get some rest for now, till the next!


New furniture!

Hi everyone!

We’ve been busy preparing for The Nail Artelier’s grand opening – the last time I blogged about this, we’d just printed our name cards, and this past week, we’ve been sorting out our furniture!

Here’s a sneak peek at some of the pieces you’ll find at our place:


We still have a lot of pieces that we need to custom-build and to purchase… Whew!

Stressed but excited,

New Namecards!

Hi everyone!

Whew… It’s been such a whirlwind around here because we’ve been busy preparing for the salon’s opening while juggling our own work at the same time.

We’ve been operating from home all this while and opening a salon together was really something we decided to do on impulse, but once we made up our minds, we threw ourselves into it and haven’t looked back since. Can you believe that we started discussing it only on 16 April 2013 and within two weeks we had finished looking for premises and had signed a lease agreement and incorporated our company?

Since then, we’ve done so much – designed the logo (Jenrine did such an amazing job, didn’t she?), created this website, created a Facebook page, shopped for furniture and other necessities… And yesterday, we got our name cards printed!


Jenrine’s awesome logo inspired me to design the name card to look like an Ace of Spades card on the front, then I kept the back minimalistic to match the clean look of the front. I designed it the night before and the very next day, Jenrine went down to various printing companies to check for quotations and got them printed in a few hours. Talk about efficiency! I think we make a great team. 😉

Tired but happy,