Compilation: Simple

Keywords: camouflage print, army, star, striping tape, gradient, colourblock, thread, unistella, glass shards, negative space, geometric, clean, cat, texture/fabric stripes.


Compilation: Floral

Keywords: butterfly, gradient, fade, poppy, sketchy, abstract, rose, daisy, paddlepop, soft florals, embroiderey, intricate, denim, marble, striping tape, watercolour effect.

Compilation: Customisation

Many of our customers come to try our signature service, customisation. Prices for customised art starts from $8/nail, and can go up to $30/nail for realistic portraits or anime characters.

Please note that customisation must be requested when you make your booking so that we can arrange for a suitable nail artist as well as set aside enough time for the appointment. We also advise that you send your reference pictures via email to at least a few days in advance. If you did not book for customisation in advance, we may not be able to accommodate last-minute requests for it due to insufficient time or if senior nail artists are not available during your appointment time slot.

1. Zootopia

2. Snow White

3. Batman vs Superman

4. Asian drinks

5. Tokidoki

6. Mickey Minnie

7. Descendants of the Sun

8. Chibi