CNY Mix and Match Sets!

To (hopefully) make it easier for our customers to choose their perfect design this CNY, we’ve been hard at work creating nail art samples and we’ve even grouped some of them so you can mix and match easily to make the perfect set!

Group A and B consist of feature nails that you can pick for your thumbs – group B designs are more complicated/time-consuming.


We’ve also put together some samples of filler nails that you can pair with the feature nails! Again, we’ve grouped them into simpler designs and more complicated designs. Pick from Group 1 and Group 2 respectively!

The nail art price will be based on the combination you pick:

A + 1 = $30
A + 2 = $45
B + 1 = $45
B + 2 = $60

We have more samples in store for you to pick from! Here are just some suggested mix and match combinations:

Right now, our CNY slots are fully booked, but if you tell us you want an A1 combo (it’s the simplest combination), we might be able to squeeze you in…


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