Compilation: CNY Designs

Here are some samples of CNY designs that we’ve done so far!

Keywords: bananas, monkey, stripes, dots, cartoon, Hello Kitty, opera, carp, lion dance.

Now’s the perfect time to get a gel pedicure done – no CNY surcharge if your appointment is before 22 January! Also, gel will last you for a long time without chipping, and toenails grow more slowly, so nail growth won’t be that obvious even when you get your pedicure done three weeks before CNY! Some gel pedi art samples:

And here are some mani art samples! Tip: if you’re getting your gel mani done not quite so close to CNY, opt for a design with a transparent base rather than a solid colour – this way, any nail growth won’t be obvious!

Finally, if you want something more OTT and want to be super in the mood for CNY, why not opt for some 3D art? These are time-consuming to make, so you’ll have to preorder them by 18 January so that we can make them in advance! We’ll be making extras, but we can’t guarantee that there’ll be any left if you don’t pre-order them for your appointment!


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