May Promo Art Sets

For the month of May, when you get a gel manicure ($60) done at The Nail Artelier, you can get any of these promo art sets done by simply paying an additional $30 for the art – pretty much at half price, because these sets are all worth at least $50 each!

As usual – colours can be changed but not the art. If you would like to combine the sets (ie mix and match, please note that a la carte pricing will apply! For instance, the two Craftholic sets are considered different sets! So, each set has 2 Craftholic characters on each hand, but the characters will be repeated for both hands (so only 2 different Craftholic designs). If you’d like to have 4 different Craftholic designs (using the characters from both sets, but still only 2 Craftholic designs on each hand), it will be an additional $10. Example:

As always, the May promo art sets are available at both our outlets:

The Nail Artelier @ Haji Lane
666 North Bridge Road S(188800) Singapore
Tel: 62988028
Open daily 11am-9pm

The Nail Artelier @ Kembangan Suites
16 Jalan Masjid #01-06 S(418941)
Tel: 66362886
Open daily 11am – 8pm


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