Gel Mani: Santa Bear!


Here’s a set of Christmas nails that’s interesting! The customer loves red, and wanted to use it as a base for the whole set. But she also wanted the silhouette of Santa in his sleigh with the reindeers, and red isn’t that good a choice for that art! So we settled on a mixture of red and blue base, with an accent nail featuring a Santa Bear on her index finger!
20131206-101406.jpg On her pinky, I did a subtle Christmas tree made up of gold sparkles, and added some disco balls for more shine. Santa and his reindeers are spread over the ring and middle finger, riding across some sparkles. Then we have the cute Santa Bear with disco balls framing the index finger, super bling!
20131206-101419.jpg I drew some snowflakes, and added a gold snowflake that we got from Japan (that are running out fassssst!!!)
20131206-101429.jpg The set is slightly mismatched, but they’re super Christmas-y!



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