Gel Mani: Customization of Rilakkuma Wonderland


This customer is a big fan of Rilakkuma, and decided to do a customized set based on Rilakkuma Wonderland! She saved some reference pictures from the collection, and picked 4 different designs for her nails.

I suggested colorful flags and confetti for the rest of the nails to match the celebratory theme, and it looks so cute!
20131201-002043.jpgHere’s a Rilakkuma with a crown and white stars framing him, and the other playing the drum (picked from a picture that has tons of Rilakkumas in a band!) I added musical notes around as well!
20131201-002101.jpg20131201-002117.jpg Here’s a close up of the thumbs! On the left, Rilakkuma is holding a flag with 10 on it as it’s the 10th Year Anniversary (aka birthday) if Rilakkuma! On the right, he’s on a carousel, looking lazy, haha!

Her friend also requested for Rilakkuma nails, on a different base color and slightly different Rilakkumas!
20131201-002320.jpg They’re all mainly from the band, playing different instruments! There’s one blowing the trumpet with puffy cheeks, another playing the violin for the ring fingers. On the thumb, Rilakkuma is playing the drums! He’s slightly different from the previous set as he’s wearing clothes here! 😛
20131201-002332.jpg It was really fun doing both of the sets (with Jaclyn, our newly joined staff, helping out with the second set due to time constraint!), and I was really happy to see both customers happy and satisfied with the nail art. That really made my day!



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