Gel Mani: TarePanda(s)!

Good evening everyone!

I hope 2013 has been great (for the most parts) for all of you as we count down to the last day of 2013 today! We can’t thank you guys enough for the love and support from the day we opened till today, thank you!

I have a cute set to share today; tare panda as requested by the customer! She asked to pair them with stripes and a ribbon, in black and white to keep it clean!
20131225-171622.jpgThere’s the stacking tare pandas on the ring fingers, and it being hung on a clothesline with pegs on the thumbs!
20131225-171644.jpgHere’s a closer look at the thumbs! <a href=""&gt;20131225-171652.jpgThe set is super cute, love it!

May 2014 be an even better and blessed year for all of you! Happy New Year in advance!


Gel Mani: Hearts on Tips

Good afternoon everyone!

This customer found this design from the internet, and wanted to do it in black, white and red!
20131214-180611.jpg This is a simple design with a twist on the usual French tips! They’re now jagged, and has hearts in between the jagged tips! Such an interesting design!


Gel Mani: Sweet Ribbons

Hi everyone!

This is a super sweet set that my customer requested for – it’s modified from a reference picture she provided and we switched it up by changing the colours and adding the gold polka dots.




I love the sweet colours here and the interesting trio of ribbons (ok, technically one ribbon and two halves) lining the half moons. Such a great idea!


Gel Mani: Nordic Prints

Good morning everyone!

Christmas is here and everyone is getting their nails done.

Here’s a set of Christmas nails of Nordic Prints. This customer wanted Nordic prints with black and nude colours.


Here is a close-up picture of what I matched for her . I chose black and nude for the base , Nordic prints in black and some embellishments to match her request . Love this design so much!


Wishing everyone Merry Christmas!


Customisation: Nightmare… Just Before Christmas

Hi everyone!

This is the second customisation request I received this year for The Nightmare Before Christmas nails – the first set was done for Halloween, and now, for Christmas! I suppose it works well both ways, given Tim Burton’s style!

Everyone seems to love the silhouette of Jack (and sometimes Sally) against the moon…


Added some elements of Christmas – can you spot a subtle Christmas tree, a Santa hat, and some snowflakes?



A little surprise here – I spread out Jack Skellington over two nails… so cute when joined together!






Gel Mani: Christmas Prints

Hi everyone!

Ever since I did Georgina‘s Christmas nails, we’ve been getting requests for her design at The Nail Artelier! I must say that many people agree that Georgina (better known as sugarrandspice on Instagram) has really good taste!

This was the set that she posted on her Instagram:


And this is the set that I did for one customer who wanted the set without the snowglobe!


I was given free rein to freestyle the design, so I made all ten nails different.


Actually, this design was based on a Christmas print that Georgina sent me – I just took different parts of it, mixed it up and added snowflakes, and spread it out over different nails in different permutations.


Which is your favourite nail? Personally, I love the nails with reindeer and snowflakes!