Gel Mani: Gingham Blues

Hi everyone!

I love the colours in today’s set! The interesting thing is, my customer pretty much gave me free rein to design a set for her. She told me she wanted some embossed art, some embellishments, a half moon base, some gingham checks, and that she wanted it all done in a blue and black colour scheme. Whew! I love how she was open to have different combinations on her hands (ie, not mirror image designs on each hand) so I could mix it up a little more and make the set more interesting.


I did the gingham checks on two nails on each side, but on different fingers.



I kept the rest of the nails simpler, with plain half moons so that they would complement the gingham checks without fighting for attention. On one nail on each side, I added an embossed flower, and switched the colour around for the other hand. So, there’s a blue flower with a black centre on one side, and a black flower with a blue centre on the other side. Love it!


For the remaining nails, I added embellishments. For the nails with a black base, I used silver studs and white opal crystals. For the nails with a blue base, I added black crystals into the mix because I wanted the overall colour scheme to have a good balance of blue and black.



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