Gel Mani: Three Sleepy Kittens


I have an adorable set of nail art to share, and you may have guessed from the title of this post! Yes! It’s the three sleepy kittens, from Despicable Me! Here’s the reference picture that the customer showed!
Here’s my take!
20131111-005030.jpg The three sleepy kittens take the center stage since they’re the lead, and on the pinky, their paws. Then there’s the famous fluffy unicorn on the thumb, that you’ve seen us done a few times!

Another picture!
20131111-005147.jpg 20131111-005154.jpg I tried my best to get all the details of the kittens on the nails, including the outlines and the fluffy white fur! They’re not too obvious…..but they’re there! This set is so cute and adorable!

I know you guys always see me posting cartoon nail art… I do enjoy them because cartoons are usually so cute! But, I do enjoy doing other nail art too! 😛