Gel Mani: Europe Trip

Hi everyone!

This is a special Europe-themed set that I customised for my customer because she was going on a trip to London, Madrid and Paris. I gave her a couple of pages of Europe-themed nails (I happened to have some cutouts from an old Japanese nail art magazine) to look at and she picked out the effect that she liked. Basically, she wanted the colourful paddlepop base colour with the art done in black.

Then, after some discussion, we settled on the specific designs that she wanted drawn on the nails. The postal stamp design with the cities and dates was based on a design from one of the cutouts. We just modified it accordingly, with her arrival dates in the respective cities.


For London, I drew the London Eye and the Big Ben (both adapted from the cutouts). For Madrid, I drew a flamenco dancer and a matador based on some clipart that my customer googled on the spot. For Paris, I drew a shoe, the Eiffel tower and the Louvre (based on googled clipart as well).


Finally, I added some bling with pink, blue and silver disco balls!



Gel Mani: Gingham Blues

Hi everyone!

I love the colours in today’s set! The interesting thing is, my customer pretty much gave me free rein to design a set for her. She told me she wanted some embossed art, some embellishments, a half moon base, some gingham checks, and that she wanted it all done in a blue and black colour scheme. Whew! I love how she was open to have different combinations on her hands (ie, not mirror image designs on each hand) so I could mix it up a little more and make the set more interesting.


I did the gingham checks on two nails on each side, but on different fingers.



I kept the rest of the nails simpler, with plain half moons so that they would complement the gingham checks without fighting for attention. On one nail on each side, I added an embossed flower, and switched the colour around for the other hand. So, there’s a blue flower with a black centre on one side, and a black flower with a blue centre on the other side. Love it!


For the remaining nails, I added embellishments. For the nails with a black base, I used silver studs and white opal crystals. For the nails with a blue base, I added black crystals into the mix because I wanted the overall colour scheme to have a good balance of blue and black.



Gel Mani: Sweetheart Drapes x Bridal Roses

Hi everyone!

Today’s set has got to be one of my favourite bridal sets ever – it has two designs that I just LOVE!


One is a pretty sweetheart tip with subtle gold drapes and embellished with a single crystal, while the other is a super bling design, with embossed roses surrounded by various embellishments.


I also love the colour theme of the set – white, light pink, pink and gold… so sweet and so classy together, especially with all the embellishments!



A little anecdote to share – recently, we’ve had a lot of brides who’ve been doing embossed art, embellishments, or placing charms on their ring fingers and worrying whether they’ll still be able to wear their ring on their actual day. Well, we’ve done our experiments and it’s definitely not a problem! So… don’t worry!



Gel Mani: Alice in Wonderland, Again

Hi everyone!

Today’s set was a mix-and-match with a bit of customisation requested by a customer who wanted an Alice in Wonderland theme for her nails.


Many of these designs were referenced from a really old issue of one of our Japanese nail art magazines, which featured several pages of Alice in Wonderland designs. I got the customer to pick out her favourite designs, then I suggested a colour scheme and ways to modify/adapt the designs so that they wouldn’t look too mismatched overall.


As you can see, we stuck to blue, white, black, and silver, with hints of red.



I never get sick of doing Alice in Wonderland designs… there’s just something about the characters that make me so happy drawing them!


Gel Mani: Pandas in Love


I have a cute set of nail art to share today! The customer wanted to have pandas on her nails, and her friend managed to google a cute image for me as reference! 20131028-010425.jpg20131028-010823.jpg This is unlike the usual panda nail art; they’re soft and fluffy looking, so cuteeeee! We kept to simple designs for the rest of the nails so that the pandas are the main lead; just hearts and tips with crystals!


Gel Mani: In The Forest

Hi everyone!

Today’s set was actually based on a reference pic from one of the Japanese nail art magazines. The original design wasn’t a nail design, but actually a painting done on a lipstick cover or some other accessory (can’t quite remember!)… so I did simplify it a little to get it to fit onto the nails!


The flowers are super detailed actually, with blended colours, and lots of outlines and inner lines.


I also love the deer and the pony – both have shading and outlines in natural colours!



I loved this design so much that I decided to simplify it further for my competition set in the upcoming Pink Room Cup. If you follow my personal blog, you’d have seen my design!


Gel Mani: Three Sleepy Kittens


I have an adorable set of nail art to share, and you may have guessed from the title of this post! Yes! It’s the three sleepy kittens, from Despicable Me! Here’s the reference picture that the customer showed!
Here’s my take!
20131111-005030.jpg The three sleepy kittens take the center stage since they’re the lead, and on the pinky, their paws. Then there’s the famous fluffy unicorn on the thumb, that you’ve seen us done a few times!

Another picture!
20131111-005147.jpg 20131111-005154.jpg I tried my best to get all the details of the kittens on the nails, including the outlines and the fluffy white fur! They’re not too obvious…..but they’re there! This set is so cute and adorable!

I know you guys always see me posting cartoon nail art… I do enjoy them because cartoons are usually so cute! But, I do enjoy doing other nail art too! 😛


Gel Mani: Willabelle’s Flowers

Hi everyone!

Today’s set was done for the amazing fashion blogger Willabelle Ong of Pale Division when she came to attend Fide Fashion Week here in Singapore! Willabelle has amazing taste, so I was mega thrilled that she’s been working with us. This is the nail art that she picked out for herself!


It’s a classic bridal design, with embossed flowers and a glitter gradient base, embellished with some crystals and studs. However, she opted for glittery blue instead of the usual light tones that our brides pick, and the set turned out super glamorous!




And here’s a screengrab from Willabelle’s Instagram!