Gel Mani: Victoria’s Day Out

Hi everyone!

I love it when my customers come with interesting reference photos of various designs and mix and match them to make a fresh and unique set!


This particular set has three main designs, with a predominantly blue colour theme. My favourite is the umbrella design made out of disco balls and embellished with tiny gold studs arranged in the shape of a bow, but I actually love all the designs. They’re all pretty in their own right and it’s so hard to pick a favourite!


There’s also a gorgeous centrepiece done with Sha Nail Pro floral stickers, framed with embellishments and an embossed ribbon so that it looks like some art piece in a frame.


Finally, there’s some marbling paired with a V-tip decorated with hand-drawn lace. The lace is really unique – there are teardrop accents below, so that it looks a little like a dangling chandelier. Above it there are the usual loops decorated with dots, but inside the loops are tiny dotted flowers. Madness!




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