Pedi Art: Neon Studs x White Geometric

Hi everyone!

Today I’m sharing a pedi design! You will notice that we usually post manicure designs rather than pedicure designs – well, unlike the average salon, our customers come mainly for manicures, and only a few get pedicures done! Also, almost every customer comes in for nail art. I was very shocked when I found out recently from a fellow nailist who works for a big salon that she only does nail art once a week due to the low demand for nail art in her salon! As we’re along Haji Lane, which is visited by many tourists, we do get walk-in customers from other countries, and they’re usually the ones who opt for just a colour instead of nail art. So all in all, I would say about 95% of our customers do nail art. 😉


This is an interesting combination, which my customer picked out from one of our Japanese nail art magazines. The big toenail is split into two sections, one with a peekaboo checkered design and the other with an abstract marbled base with embellishments.


Most of the time used for this set was spent on adding all the many embellishments! And psst… this set was done entirely with normal nail polish. I was very tickled when some customers who saw this set were shocked to find out that it could be done with normal nail polish!



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