Promo Art Sets for July!

Hi everyone!

Today we are excited to launch the special sets that we have for July! Last month’s sets were very well-received and we’re sure you’ll love the new ones for July too!

From 15 July to 14 August, when you get a manicure done at The Nail Artelier, you can get any of the following sets of art done for just an additional $25/set! That means…

Express manicure ($10) + promo art ($25) = $35
Classic manicure ($28) + promo art ($25) = $53
Gel manicure ($55) + promo art ($25) = $80


The first two sets are based on the movie Monsters Inc! It’s $25/set for either set (meaning both hands mirror each other so there are only five different designs), but if you’d to have both sets on your hands (meaning every nail is different so all ten designs are included), it’s possible at $35/set!


The next set is based on the movie Despicable Me, featuring the lovable minions and their favourite food, bananas!


We also have a set for all the funky fashionistas out there who love studs, crystals and black!


For ladies who prefer something soft, subtle and pretty, we’ve got this unique set of hand-drawn lace with a soft gradient effect and embellished with crystals and tiny studs.


Finally, we’ve got funky neons – perfect for summer and all the rage right now. πŸ™‚


To make an appointment, please call 62988028. πŸ˜€



2 thoughts on “Promo Art Sets for July!

  1. Hi Ying,

    Your works are amazing! May I enquire if the minions art set is applicable for express pedicure too?

    Please also let me know the price of nailart if I want hello kitties on two toenails? Thanks!


    • Hi Pauline,

      1. Yes it can be done for express pedi, as long as your toenails are big/long enough.

      2. Hello kitties – depends on the exact design. Starts from $4/nail!

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