Nail Art: G-Dragon One of A Kind Concert themed Nails

Hello everyone!

So….. A while back, I attended G-Dragon’s One of A Kind Concert in Singapore, and decided to do my nails based on his style (plus neons are pretty trendy now…..)! If you follow me on Instagram (@jenrine), or even the salon’s account (@thenailartelier), you may have seen what I did for myself….

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAP.S photo is taken about 2 weeks after….oops!

Yes, I decided to be a real fan-girl and drew GD’s line character on my thumb. It’s not perfect, so it’s definitely not a sticker, I did them freehand! Many asked how long I spent on doing it, to be honest, I spent about 20minutes on my thumb alone. The whole art was done with gel, so it was pretty tedious having to cure the previous layer before adding the next detail. But I really enjoyed myself while doing it, so it didn’t feel so baaaaaad….. I did a mix of nail art for the rest of the nails, keeping them simple to let my thumb shine! 😛 I didn’t manage to convince either Ying or Eloise to draw another of his line character on my right thumb, but I did manage to get Eloise to draw the concert’s name! Super thankful for that because I wouldn’t have been able to achieve it easily by myself……

I got requests to do GD-themed nails, and they are all done with express manicure! The general idea is to keep the whole set colorful, with little details here and there that are GD-related. I had a really fun time doing all these, and the colors made me really happy!




A mini collage that I have put together of all the sets I did, I hope you’ll enjoy them!
GD collage



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