Designs for The New Paper on Sunday 7 July 2013

Hi everyone!

We’ve been meaning to share our work done for The New Paper on Sunday (TNPS), but due to the poor print quality of newspapers (compared to say magazines), the details and colours couldn’t really be seen clearly. So, we waited for them to return us the nail tips so that we could take proper pictures and share them with everyone!

So, after some arranging and labelling… here they are!


As you can see, we’ve got five sets here. TNPS actually gave us five themes to work with, and asked us to provide them with a description as well as prices of the nail art featured. As they ended up not using any of the details, we’re sharing them with you here!


Theme: Neons
Our take: “Neon Splash”

Neons are all the rage now, and we love the explosion of colours and how they glow in ultraviolet light. For this set, we’ve put together a few of the hottest nail trends – marbling within shapes, lines on a clear base, and neon embellishments. It’s not just swag; it’s ghetto glamour with neon stones and gold bling.


Theme: Geometric
Our take: “Geometric Mod”

We wanted all the focus to be on the beauty of the geometry, so we did the art in black and white instead of allowing colours to distract from the shapes and lines. For a touch of mod swag, we left all the white details to the index and middle fingers – perfect for finger posing! 
*This design was adapted from Nail Venus, one of our favourite Japanese nail art magazines. 


Theme: Superheroes
Our take: “Girl Power”

The Powerpuff Girls are three super cute, super-powered girls out to save the world before bedtime. We’ve dedicated one nail each to Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup, and filled the remaining nails with plenty of pink hearts and stars for an extra generous serving of sugar and spice.


Theme: Summer
Our take: “Summer Safari”

When we saw this African safari design in Nail Venus (an edgy Japanese nail art magazine), we fell in love at first sight and chose to modify it for this summer theme. The soft airbrush effect of the colourful background perfectly captures the riot of colours in the tropics, where it’s summer all year round, and allows the black details to pop and the animals to come alive!


Theme: Princesses
Our take: “Cinderella Story”

Everybody loves a fairytale ending, and our favourite is Cinderella’s story! This set is dainty and feminine, with soft hues of blue reminiscent of Cinderella’s gown. We’ve added opalescent disco flecks and drawn silhouettes of Cinderella’s profile and her glass slipper in framed portraits as subtle references to the ball.

I did the Summer Safari and Neon Splash and Jenrine did the other three sets. Which is your favourite? Personally, I’m torn between the Summer Safari and Geometric Mod… I wish *someone* could do them for me because it’s really a pain to do intricate art on my own nails!


Gel Mani: Cute Owls!

Hi everyone!

Owl-themed nail art was really popular awhile ago and this customer sent me some owl illustrations that she wanted me to replicate on her nails. She picked out four different owls and I painted them, along with tree branches and leaves on the rest of the nails.


Aren’t the owls cute? Two of them are skinnier and the other two are a lot more well-fed, as requested!