Gel mani: Rockin’ Black X Red

Hi everyone!

My customer this time is kinda special! She’s getting her nails done for an event. Not company DnD, concert, wedding or birthday!

It was some sort of J-rock themed competition? (I think she mentioned singing :D)

Either way it was super cool and awesome!

So for this design it’s mainly black and red with silver studs. And her thumb is super crazy! There’s a octagon-cut clear crystal crowned by smaller clear rhinestones!

Besides the bridal set that I’ve done, this is probably the second set I’ve done so far that has so many embellishments!


Don’t all those studs reminds you of J-rockers and their heavily studded accessories and all? With the black and red base, it all fits into that theme, don’t you think so? 😀

Hopefully she enjoyed her evening at that event! And also enjoying her nails after that! :3