Gel Mani: Dotted colors


The customer requested for something simple, not too over the top, yet colorful! In the end, a colorful design done with dots and lines in the magazine caught her eye, and I suggested colorful heart tips with white dots along the border for the rest of the nails to match. SAM_3504


Gel Mani: Elegant Motifs

Hi everyone!

I have a secret love for baroque designs, and I love how elegant and striking the motifs can be!


In this set, we have a few nails of framed motifs done in black, which makes for a great contrast with the nude base. It’s paired with lots of embellishments and the gold accents up the glam factor on this set.


Love it so much that I had to share more pictures!



And… all the embellishments were sealed with gel so they lasted the client a good month! (Yes, she’s already been back for a new set a few weeks ago – I’ve got a terrible backlog of these old designs to clear!)


Gel mani: Green Tokyo Mod

Hi guys, how’s everyone today?

Today’s design should be pretty familiar since it’s also one of the June’s promotional nail art set – Tokyo Mod!

Instead of the original light pastel blue version, my customer chose a pretty bright green and a teal for the darker accents on the random strips of colour on the tips!

Kinda reminds me of watermelon when I see it, but I think it’s quite a nice combination actually.

I LOVE teal, greens, blues, especially turquoise! So I’m really glad to do this colour too! SAM_3575

Oh and I think her nail bed size is comparable to mine! Soooo nice to paint! What do you think of this version? Leave me a comment? 😡




Gel Mani: She sells seashells by the seashore

Good morning everyone!

This set is a mix between two sets that the customer found on Girls Pic! This set is super suitable if you’re planning for a beach getaway!


The designs are slightly mismatched on both hands, with different bikinis and the seashells on the thumbs are done differently as well! Initially, the designs on the middle finger and pinky have no embellishments. I suggested to add them on so that they don’t look too plain next to the other nails, and the customer agreed!


I love this set! But……I guess it’s not too suitable with my green hair…… ):

Gel Mani: Colour Splash

Hi everyone!

This was an interesting request because the customer provided me with a reference picture of a nail design that was done using normal polish, with the tie dye effect achieved by smudging away some of the polish with nail polish remover. Since she was going for a gel manicure, I had to do it via a different method. The result:


Love the vibrant colours!


Gel mani: ✿ Daisies ✿

Hiiii~ How’s everyone’s doing? Stay healthy, drink more water !

Here’s a set of daisies that I’ve done recently, it’s more girly than the usual ones, lots of pink! :3


I’ve actually done quite a few sets, but have always forgotten to photograph them! :<

Probably 2 sets in reversed french so far and 2 or 3  the full coloured version. Even did one on a classic pedicure!

✿ are so in right now. They’re pretty cute aren’t they? 😀




Gel Mani: Brown & Cony – Line inspired!

Good afternoon!

Today, I am going to share with you a set of nail art that I did for my friend! This set of nail art is mainly inspired by two characters from the app Line, Brown and Cony!

So I used the stickers from Line as reference and translated onto the nails! The rest of the nails are kept simple with colorful triangles, so as not to steal the limelight of Brown and Cony:P

The thumbs! Super colorful, based on App icon of Line Bubble and Hidden Catch!

And one of all the nails, super cute!

This is considered customization, as I took reference from pictures and translated them onto nails. However, if you are looking to do the same set, it won’t cost as expensive since we have reference of the set done on nails! Hope this clears some doubts that some of you may have about customization!


Gel Mani: Simply Red

Hi everyone!

Today’s design is great for ladies with short nails – if you want to start with something simple yet glamorous, we’ve got the perfect design here!


The red base is glittery, and the silver glitter lines and disco balls add more glitz and glamour to the set. If your workplace has a conservative grooming policy, this is subtle enough too!