Gel Mani: Le Chat

Good morning!
How have you guys been with the crazed out weather? Do remember to drink lots of water during this period! Anyway, I have a personal favorite set of nail art to share for today! It is a set taken from the very talented Maya_Tempaku from Instagram that you may remember?
20130627-010232.jpgThe original set has hand-drawn cats on both thumbs, but I suggested for stickers for the really realistic cats instead. 20130623-220440.jpgThe customer wanted discoballs to make it more “blinged” out for the whole look. It ended up looking different from the original set, but still pretty nonetheless!
20130623-220521.jpgI used AngelPro colors for the whole set, except for the black! It’s this wonder pot of black gel that Ying managed to source from her last Japan trip! Super awesome for fine opaque lines like that!
Hope you enjoyed this set as much as I did! Till the next!



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