June Promo Set – Daisies

Hello everyone!

If you have been following us on either Instagram (@thenailartelier) or Facebook Page (www.facebook.com/thenailartelier), you may have seen these designs before!

Every month, we will launch about 4-5 sets of designs that are worth about $40 nail art value, and promote them at $25/set on top of the basic services. We usually try to have a range of designs to cater to everyone, so there’s no need to worry that there won’t be a design suitable for yourself!

I grabbed this picture from our Instagram account that we posted, an overview of all the designs on promo for June! 20130623-220928.jpg

One of the more popular designs was the daisies set, and I did them in different color variations over the past few days. Some were done with nail polish, and some with gel polish, with slight variations to the original set we posted.

daisies set

Hurry down and get your nails done if you like any of the promo sets! The promo ends on 14th July! 😛




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