Grand Opening Weekend : 15 – 16th June 2013

Hello everyone!

We just hosted our grand opening for The Nail Artelier last weekend, and we would just like to say Thank you to the customers, friends, and family members who came down! As well as all the well wishes, be it via social media, emails, messages, or flowers sent to the shop! The flowers are still in the shop as of now, but with the air quality recently, they may not be able to last long ):

Thank you to Gent Ho (@lupcheong on Instagram and Twitter) for taking really pretty and artistic shots during the Grand Opening, we appreciate that a lot!

Here’s a gallery of the photos taken over the two days, they are also available on our Facebook Page!

Till the next!

Meanwhile, we have some guests and customers who blogged about their experience, do click on the links below to find out more!

Read Miyake’s post here!

Read Andrea’s post here!

Read Yukie-San’s post here!

Read Jolene’s post here!

Read Evelyn’s post here!

Read Lupcheong’s post here!


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