Nail Art: Blue Roses

Hi everyone!

It’s been really hazy these few days, so I’m sharing a floral design for a (virtual) breath of fresh air. It’s actually my day off today, but I’m going to be spending part of it hunting for face masks because… -gasp- we are running low on masks and they are sold out everywhere I’ve checked so far due to the record-breaking PSI levels we’ve seen so far. Madness. Anyway…. Moving on to a more cheery topic, here’s a vintage blue roses design!


I like how dainty these roses look on the tips. The colour choice is pretty unique and makes this a memorable set.


Now, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I’ll find those face masks because we also want to give some away to our customers (since the haze is so bad and it’s so difficult to find face masks)!



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