Gel Mani: Charmed

Hi everyone!

Just so you know, we stock an extensive range of quality stickers from Japan for customers who want really vibrant and detailed art on their nails! This particular design uses Sha Nail Pro Japan stickers (speaking of which, we’re a certified Sha Nail Pro Japan salon, having completed training in the use of the company’s stickers!), and it really saves our customers a lot of time and money compared to if we were to draw the angels freehand.


We also have a huge collection of charms and embellishments that can be attached to your nails. Here, we’ve used a pretty ribbon charm embedded with crystals, and it even has a dangling heart charm.


Of course, it’s not just a simple matter of placing stickers and charms anywhere and everywhere – here, I’ve paired them with a soft gradient base as well as hand-drawn lace frames on the thumbs.

Feel free to ask to see our collection of stickers if you’ve got an appointment with us!



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