Work in Progress


Taking a break from the usual posts to give a little update of what has been happening around here… I just came back from my trip to Taiwan, and it has been a whirlwind since! We have managed to finalize and get most of the crucial purchases for the shop, with bits and pieces here and there still waiting for us to find them!

Very crazy schedule, and we learn about different things along the way. Like how I recently found out about the different types of lightings available in the market, the kind of laminates and so on. Very interesting little knowledge that I have gained while getting our shop ready!

If you follow Ying’s IG (nailartexpress), you would have seen this!



Super customized for our shop!!!

Another week and half to go till our opening, getting super excited, I hope you are too!! Got to get some rest for now, till the next!



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