Collaboration with Helloあsia Singapore’s J Diary!

Hi everyone!

I am SO excited to be sharing this video with you finally!

Here’s the back story on this video – a while back, my friend Evonne approached me to guest in an episode of J Diary, a new video channel hosted by Yukie-san of Tokyo Mode Addict and funded by Helloあsia Singapore.

I found out that it was for the second episode, focusing on Japanese-style nail art in Singapore, and I was happy to climb on board! So, Yukie-san and Evonne both came over to my place, together with Yukie-san’s helpful and talented filming crew (all girls!). Due to time constraints, I had to complete the gel manicure (full classic process) with nail art in an hour and it was super stressful!



I blogged about it two weeks ago and you can see the original post here.

And now… the video!

I know, I know… I am so painfully awkward on camera. Whoops. Well, hope you enjoyed catching a glimpse of me at work, and ogling the gorgeous Yukie-san and Evonne in this episode! 😉



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