Gel Mani: Diablo

Hi everyone!

Last weekend, I had a unique customisation request for Diablo-themed nails! For reference, my customer sent me some pictures in advance.


Apart from the cover illustration and the icons for the special powers, she also sent me this picture which shows how the icons were used in a nail design:


And this was my take on it!


As requested, I did the cover art on one nail, and the fiery scratches on a couple of nails, with the icons on the rest of the nails.


As you can see, the fiery scratches are a lot simpler compared to the rest of the nails. Instead of doing a full set of complicated art, mixing in a simpler design helps keep the overall cost of art lower. Here, the icons and the cover art count as customisation and start from $8/nail.


I really enjoyed doing the icons because they required different techniques to execute. Which one is your favourite? Personally, I love the Shadow power (hooded man with black swirls rising behind him) best because it is the most intricate!


One last picture!

All the




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