Gel Mani: Tokyo Mode

Hi everyone! I had some awesome guests over the other day and I’ve been dying to share the news. Here goes…

Yukie-san and her crew from Hello Asia dropped by to film an episode for J Diary! Thanks to Evonne, who recommended me for the episode on Japanese-style nail art in Singapore! Here’s a behind-the-scenes shot I grabbed off Yukie-san’s Instagram:


She has her own blog called Tokyo Mode Addict and if you love Japanese fashion, beauty and beautiful pictures in general, you’ll love her posts.


The design I did for Yukie-san was actually chosen by Evonne, who showed me a reference pic from a Japanese salon/nailist under the name of Meem Nail. Here’s a pic from Yuki-san’s Instagram account again:


I love the whole look because it’s feminine, but still very “Mode” because of the accent nail with the black lines. The embellishments are subtle and the glimpses of gold look great with the soft blue and white colours used in the set. I did a full manicure and then the gel art in just an hour because we were pressed for time, so hopefully any imperfections aren’t too obvious…


Can’t wait to see how the video turns out! In the meantime… Should we have this design as our featured design for June? We could have it at a special rate just for June! What do you think?



2 thoughts on “Gel Mani: Tokyo Mode

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